Banking, Finance and the Stock Market

Coat Haut de Sigy practices in criminal banking law, in particular cases of bank or financial sales, illegal exercise of bank brokerage activity, and money laundering.

We also defend clients in criminal trials relating to financial and stock markets. These may include prosecutions brought on grounds of insider trading, currency manipulations, or distribution of false or misleading information.

A sample of cases we have defended


Defense of banks as civil parties concerning the fraudulent sale of property loans to avoid tax involving several thousand borrowers, the defendants being prosecuted notably for illegal bank or financial sales and money laundering.


Defense of a corporate bank and one of its representatives that were prosecuted for complicity in providing false or misleading information in a case where the bank acted as an advising bank through a public exchange on the French stock market.


Defense of a brokerage firm as a civil party concerning charges brought against former executives for fraud committed on the derivatives market and convertible bonds.


Defense of a bank executive sued for covering up organized fraud as part of a wider property fraud case.


Defense of bank employees against aggravated money laundering charges, in particular for failing to comply with internal procedures.


Defense of a bank charged with aggravated money laundering on the basis of financing agreed and granted for the product of an alleged artwork theft.


Defense of a bank victim of dissemination of false or misleading information, currency manipulations, and false information and using forged documents.


Defense of a bank victim of a huge fraud case for fraudulent mortgages taken out using fake documents. Charges were led on organized fraud and laundering of tax fraud proceeds.


Defense of a bank sued for abuse of trust, perverting the course of justice and attempted perversion of the course of justice in the disappearance of a piece of art.


Defense of banks and their employees victim of armed or aggravated robbery and other similar infractions (destruction, degradation, unlawful restraint, extortion) before correctional courts and criminal courts.


Ongoing assistance to banks, financial institutions and listed companies in internal fraud cases (aggravated robbery, abuse of trust, fraud, and false information and using forged documents.