Coat Haut de Sigy de Roux Minor has extensive experience in managing cases involving or led by foreign jurisdictions and authorities.
All of our lawyers have been admitted to the Paris Bar and some have been admitted elsewhere, notably the New York State Bar.

They have worked on international cases in connection with judicial or regulatory investigations by French or international authorities: Parquet National Financier (PNF), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), U.S. Federal Reserve, U.S. Office of Foreign Control (OFAC), U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FAC).

A few cases we have defended


Defense of a banking group investigated for allegedly fixing the Euribor, Libor, and financial instruments linked to these rates. The client was investigated by multiple French, European and U.S. authorities.


Advice and assistance to a bank CEO questioned by the U.S. Federal Authorities in an investigation led by the U.S. Congress concerning conditions for financial support offered by the Federal Reserve to an insurance company.


Defense of an investment bank in an agreement with NYDFS concerning reinforcement of AML/CFT compliance programs, international sanctions, and assistance in an investigation by a NYDFS-appointed independent consultant.


Defense of a bank group in implementing an agreement with the U.S. Federal Reserve concerning reinforcement of international procedures and compliance programs for international sanction regulations, as well as assistance in an investigation by a U.S. Federal Reserve-appointed independent board.


Participation in the defense of a French bank in an investigation by the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) concerning the interest rate derivatives market.


Advice to company executives and directors registered abroad with regard to extradition procedures and European arrest warrants.


Defense in France and Hong Kong (with the assistance of a local law firm) of a French bank victim of international bank transfer fraud.


Assistance to a Dutch construction firm to analyze civil and criminal suits likely to be led in various European countries due to mistakes made in a vast real estate construction project in Spain.


Advice to the director and shareholder of a Canadian company in a dispute on exit conditions from the company.