Tax and Customs Litigation

Coat Haut de Sigy represents clients in tax or customs disputes, in particular tax evasion and laundering of tax fraud proceeds.

A sample of cases we have defended


Defense of French and Luxembourg banks in a customs investigation relating to bank or financial sales and “freedom to provide services” restrictions in bank transactions executed in France and Luxembourg.


Defense of two leaders of a French start-up charged with tax fraud who purportedly started a system to avoid intra-group rebilling.


Defense of an investment fund manager prosecuted in France for tax fraud on the basis of undeclared accounts payable that were registered abroad and managed through shell companies or nominees.


Identification and assessment of a private bank for criminal risk in laundering of tax fraud proceeds as part of an investigation into the creation of foreign companies and accounts by French nationals.


Defense of a company specializing in property transactions that was victim of document fraud, use of false documents and tax fraud from a partner company.


Advice to a bank with regards to a customs warning issued to a client whose activity was likely to be subject to tax fraud charges.


Defense of the employee of an import & export company prosecuted for laundering of tax fraud proceeds and failing to declare tax following a customs check that led to large amounts of cash being seized.


Identification and assessment of the criminal risk on executives of an insurance firm following a tax search and seizure procedure by French tax authorities with regard to a tax set-up in Europe for intra-group financing.


Defense of a supplier against laundering of tax fraud proceeds charges on the basis of advice issued for assembling a company that was allegedly fictional and aimed at concealing assets and revenue.