Employment Disputes and Unintentional Offenses

Coat Haut de Sigy de Roux represents clients in cases of lack of due diligence in security obligations. Our lawyers also defend clients against accusations of harassment, hindrance or discrimination.

A sample of cases we have defended


Participation in the defense of an aircraft manufacturer charged with manslaughter following an aviation crash.


Defense of three executives at an investment bank who were accused by a former employee of moral harassment on the basis of work conditions. A complaint with civil party petition was filed by the former employee.


Defense of a contracting authority accused of involuntary harm to a person.


Defense of a listed company questioned on moral harassment, union discrimination and hindrance.


Defense of four bank executives accused of blocking union activity following the disappearance of electronic data.


Defense of a company questioned following the suicide of one of its employees as part of a procedure recognizing inexcusable fault on the part of the employer.


Defense of a bank CEO questioned for discrimination with regard to the conditions of severance compensation payments.