Payment Instrument Fraud

Coat Haut de Sigy de Roux represents clients for fraudulent use of payment instruments, use of an authorized payment in particular following fraud or fraudulent intrusion in an automated data processing system.

A sample of cases we have defended


Ordinary defense of banks victim of credit card fraud in proceedings opened for organized fraud, counterfeit or falsification of payment instruments, manufacture or acquisition of equipment designed or adapted to counterfeit or falsify.


Defense of banks with regard to unauthorized payment transactions, in particular “fake president” fraud.


Defense of a finance company specialized in consumer credit that was victim of fraudulent modification of data in an automated data processing system and abuse of trust in the case of fraudulent transfer, involving one of its employees.


Defense of a bank victim of fraud by fraudulent transfer of money placed in dormant customer accounts.


Assistance of a bank affiliate victim of fraudulent transactions and hidden commissions by one of its employees.